Slime Workshops And Parties

Slime Workshops & Birthday Parties are advertised regularly on our social media pages.

They are aimed at children 6-15 years

cost: £16 per child (this sometimes varies with promotions prices)

Staff: All staff are DBS certified

Benefits of Slime

Did you know that playing with slime stimulates four of your five senses? It starts off with your fingers exploring your slime’s unique texture (touch), while watching your slime form in your hands (vision). You will then start listening to the satisfying sounds it creates (hearing), and eventually perceive its unique scent (smell).

Besides the fact that playing with slime is super fun for young and old, it is also an amazing way to relieve stress. In some cases it can even help with anxiety and attention disorders. 
The sensual experience you have while playing with slime can be seen as a form of mediation and mindfulness, which is why it is incredibly relaxing for body and mind.